He took a pull on his beer.

I wonder, could you help explain to me something.

Sure, I said.

You have been living in the UK.

I have.

What is the difference with the words, English and the British?


They seem to be the same. But they are not the same.


I took a pull on my beer.

Okay. Britain is like the whole island. Technically, everyone from there is British.


But only some of them are English. The ones who are English, you can call them British or English, and they don’t really care. But there are people who are from Britain, but are not English. And if you call them English, you will make them very upset.


He was thinking pretty hard about this.

So, this is sensitive then. But why?

I’m really not sure. I think they used to fight a lot. And the ones from Scotland still want to break away, to have their independence from the English.

They had a war?

Yeah, I guess so.

It must have been a bad war. But I have not heard about this. When did it happen?

Umm. I’m not really sure… but about three hundred years ago I think.

Three HUNDRED years?

My Congolese colleague sucked his teeth.

Must have been a bad war.


One Comment on “braveheart”

  1. am1t0 says:

    That’s about the size of it. ‘Cept its been going on longer. Even the Romans tried and failed to conquer the Picts (Scottish, or dwarves if you prefer it in Middle Earth) so they just built a wall to try and fence them in. How did the Picts end up there in the first place? The English drove them up there by taking the good land. So its more like 1500 years of hate. And that is why my friends the English today are perfect for playing the bad guys in Hollywood films….and you thought it was just ‘cos of the accent

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