wi5dom of the crowd

Couldn’t really give a fig about the ‘Stop Kony’ flap.

But just noticed this:

I dont know, im nothing even close to a philanthropist, politician or nothing even NEAR an activist or even fucking EDUCATED for that matter. I just want to encourage more people to think for themselves more often… we’re all very apt at “spreading awareness” as a nation, a culture, WE HAVE THAT SHIT DOWN.

Let’s focus a little more on what kinds of peaceful resolve and positive action… can be taken to resolve a global issue. By asking the people claiming to be the “frontmen of the cause”  (which is no doubt, usually a noble cause) who are asking for money or attention, WHERE is this going, HOW is it getting there, WHERE is the data, WHO is doing the footwork, and most importantly what are the predicted results.

Attention, [b]advocacy practitioners. You have just been schooled by deadmau5, a man who travels the world wearing a giant mouse head, performing his music which is popular with huge crowds of people, many of whom have taken random pharmaceuticals with the express aim of diminishing their cognitive capacity for the evening.

If you’ve got less of a handle on it than this bloke, maybe consider a new career.